Large landscaping Rocks for Halifax, Bedford, Dartmouth, Sackville, & South Shore including St. Margaret's Bay, Chester, & Mahone Bay

Big Rocks - We Can Move Them, Remove Them, or Add Them

Large boulders can often be used as dominant feature in a landscaping plan. The striking boldness of a large stone, when framed with tree's, or shrubbery, adds depth and texture to a property. Used properly, they allow the property to fit well within the larger landscape.

Large granite boulders in a Halifax landscape

Should your property be overly blessed with large boulders we can remove them. Or if your property is strangely devoid of these big rocks, we can supply them.

Our machinery can move boulders into place while minimizing damage to other areas. This allows for optimized placement of the stones where they actually look their best, not just where happen to end up because it was "too difficult to move them".

These big granite rocks also make a great organic looking retaining wall, or rock wall.

Halifax and the South Shore - gotta love the granite boulders

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