Drainage Systems and Erosion Control

Water and soil erosion are often factors with most landscaping projects. Our varied experience in drainage systems and erosion control allows us to create appealing solutions for any landscaping challenge.

Landscape Drainage Systems for Erosion and Water Control

Halifax Landscape Drainage and Erosion Control

Every property will have its own unique water flow issues. Drainage control will asses the specific concerns related to a specific landscaping project. Excess water can be diverted through various means. And in some cases, where there is too much drainage, high dry spots, soil conditions can be modified to allow more water retention.

Use of water and erosion control tools such as drainage pipe, gravel, geo-textile fabrics, trenching, etc. can be used to increase flow, divert flows, or even hinder flows to achieve the desired results. Organic rich top soils can be used to help retain moisture where needed.

On slopes, erosion control is another aspect of drainage control. Surface water flows can strip soils, and sub-surface water flows can decrease slope stability. Use of drainage control measures combined with geotextiles and/or vegetation management can reduce these problems while creating a nice looking landscape at the same time.

We have experience with a wide range of drainage and erosion control systems and can create a viable solution for your property. As a landscaping company we aim to create solutions that are aesthetically appealing without an "over-engineered" look.

Besides landscaping applications we also construct drainage systems around stuctures and buildings, both new and existing, with the help of our excavation equipment. This includes things like improving drainage around concrete foundations to prevent leakage.

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