Grass Seeding and Sodding for Lawns

Creating a lush green lawn is just another aspect of our quality landscaping services. We can seed a new lawn or lay down sod to create an instant green oasis.

A Green Lawn with Grass Seed or Sod

Halifax Grass and Sod

We create beautiful lawns that are lush and green. We begin with high quality top soils in order for the new lawn to become well established. This helps a lawn retain moisture and stay greener during the heat of summer without excessive watering.

Seeding is a low cost method used in areas where an instant lawn is not needed. Also when using seed, the lawn should be established early enough in the growing season to allow the seed to take root and develop grass blades.

Laying sod, though a little more expensive than seeding, provides instant gratification. Grass sod is used when seeding is just not desirable or is too late in the season for seed to take. We take great care when installing grass sod to ensure it takes root into the top soil below.

Let Us Lay or Seed a New Green Lawn

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