Interlocking Brick Installation

Surface your driveway, walkways or patio with interlocking brick to add warm colour and texture. We install interlocking brick and provide landscaping services throughout the Halifax HRM and the South Shore to Chester Basin.

An Interlocking Brick Surface

For Driveways, Walkways, or Patios

Halifax Interlocking Brick Instalations

Interlocking bricks, also called paver stones, are an attractive surfacing material for driveways, walkways and patios. It adds colour and texture, is long lasting, easy to maintain and can add significant value to your property. Contact us about installing interlocking bricks on your property. We service Halifax and the South Shore, all the way to Chester Basin.

Bricks can be made of clay or concrete and come in many colours, including mixed colours where the bricks alternate randomly between a few colours or shades. Interlocking brick comes in many shapes and sizes to create various patterns when laid on the ground.

Installation begins with laying a flexible base. A 4 to 6 inch layer of crushed gravel is compacted and then topped with a couple inches of course sand. This creates a firm yet flexible surface to allow for ground movement. It also ensures good drainage of moisture to limit the amount of ground movement. Particularly in winter where frost heaving can move bricks considerably.

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