Landscape Design in Halifax and South Shore, NS

At Atlantic Seascapes we have a wide range of experience and apply that to assist our clients with creating a landscape design and plan. We focus on creating the design you want, nothing too fancy, or conceptual, but real world design and layout to suite any project and any budget.

A Landscaping Plan You Understand and Can Visualize

We present our landscape designs in a fashion the client can actually visualize. Computer generated photographs of your property show how the landscape will actually look. These can be produced in conjunction with traditional landscape design line drawings indicating specific plant species that best suit your property.

Landscape designs help to determine your landscaping needs. This is something we offer our clients so they can better know what they are getting. It allows us, and the client, to make better decisions about exactly which aspects of the project are acceptable and which may need alterations before any holes are dug. And assists with determining a budget.

We take pictures of your property and digitally alter them to create a landscape design suited to the Halifax region. Developing a plan helps with the back and forth consultation between us, and our recommendations based on our experience, and your ideas. It allows the final plan to be the best representation of the project and its associated costs.

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