We're Hiring Landscapers

Want to work outside for the summer? And get your hands dirty? We are hiring hardworking people for various landscaping tasks. Contact us to apply today.

Halifax NS Landscaping Jobs

The landscaping season is entering into full swing and we need your help. If you're interested in a landscaping job in and around the Halifax, Nova Scotia area then by all means contact us today.

We Want You for Landscaping in Halifax!

Things You Will be Doing While Working with Us

Experience in any of these, though not neccessary, will certainly be an asset.

  • Laying Sod
  • Building Rock Walls
  • Setting Flagstone and Interlocking Bricks
  • Building Decks and Fences
  • Spreading Soil and Gravel
  • Planting Trees and Shrubs. Flowers Too.
  • Driving Machinery, such as Bobcat and Mini Excavator (providing your are capable).
  • And More...

Landscaping is mostly a seasonal affair. But it does extend well into the fall. So if you're not a student returning to classes at the end of the summer we may continue to have work for you up till the snow starts to fly. Students welcome too, providing you'r're willing to get your hands dirty and build some muscle this summer.

What's Expected of You as an Employee

Landscaping is hard physical work! Lots of lifting & digging in the heat of the sun and under the pouring rain. You have to like this or you will not be happy. Nor will we.

You should be capable of using tools properly, efficiently and safely. That's swinging hammers and axes, using saws and power tools, pushing rakes and shovels. All that good stuff.

We need and expect people who can tolerate putting in a hard days work. And you should be able to appreciate a nice cold beer with the crew after a particulalrly long hot hard day :)

You'll need to be able to get around the entire HRM region. Our shop is located in St. Margret's Bay but we work all over the city and the South Shore as the jobs demand. Be flexible. Sometimes you may need to meet out in the Bay before we head to a job site, sometimes you'll go straight to the job site from home. So having your own wheels is pretty well neccessary.

Employment Opportunities

Want a Landscaping Job? We're hiring!

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