Outdoor Lighting Installation

Give your landscape an evening look with outdoor lighting. We install outdoor lighting to suit any needs or budget in Halifax, the South Shore and Chester Basin.

Landscape Lighting Adds Evening Magic to Your Yard

Halifax Outdoor Lighting Installation

Consider including outdoor garden lighting into your landscaping project. Outdoor lighting can enhance the look of your landscaping making it more inviting at night. It can also add security.

Small ground lights along walkways and in planting beds add warmth and charm. These can be wired or solar units. Spot lighting can show featured landscaping elements and create a dramatic look. Utility lighting provides more visibility in high traffic areas and enhances security for your property.

Lighting can be incorporated into your garden, walkways, driveways, decks and patios. It also looks great around a water feature. Consult with us on where you would like outdoor lighting to be included in your landscaping project.

Lighting systems can include timers, dimmers, motion detectors, photo cells, or switches to control the lights. We work closely with an electrical contractor to ensure all electrical work is completed to current codes and practices.

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