Planting Shrubs, Annuals and Perennials

Planting beds with shrubs and other plants are one of the mainstays of landscaping. We can plant any type of tree, shrub, annual, or perennial you may require.

Planting Beds for Shrubbery and Other Plants

Halifax Landscaping Plants

Planting beds that include trees or shrubs with annual, and perennial, plants and flowers can make a landscape sing. Lush greenery and colorful flowers will improve the looks of your property more than any other type of landscaping. Atlantic Seascapes can create attractive planting beds with species that are suitable to the region and are easy to maintain.

There are many plant combinations that can create attractive mini eco-systems. Layers of different types of plants like coniferous or deciduous trees and shrubs, tall grasses and medium and small flowering plants create texture and depth.

Beds can be treated with various forms of bedding materials to retain moisture and inhibit weed growth. Bark mulch, wood chips, and pea stone are common materials.

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