Water Features & Ponds

Add a water feature to your landscape. Waterfalls, streams and ponds create tranquility and diversity in your yard and garden. They attract wildlife and offer interesting options for flowers and shrubs surrounding them.

Landscaping with Water in Halifax

Halifax Landscape Ponds and Water Features

Creating a water feature for your landscape is a rewarding challenge, for you and for us. It requires a fair bit of creativity with a wide range of materials and plants in order to create somehthing that looks like it belongs in your landscape.

If your looking to have a garden pond or other water feature added to your landscape Atlantic Seascapes is up to the challenge!

Landscape Ponds

Most garden ponds are created by diging a hole and lining it with either a rigid or flexible barrierin order to retain the water. And assortment of rocks, gravels, aquatic and terestrial plants bring it to life. We've created a wide range of ponds and can create the perfect one to suit your yard.

Streams and Waterfalls

Often included in pond installation, streams are usually self contained water systems that use pumps and filters to continuously curculate the water through the system. Using stone such as slate sheets allow for creating trickling waterfalls, or a series of stepped waterfalls into the pond.

A well designed and constructed pond or waterfall looks amazing, especially after all the plantings have been well established. Poorly designed water features can become an eyesore in your garden. We pride ourself in creating some amazing landscape ponds, streams and waterfalls for our clients.

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