Retaining Walls and Rock Walls

Retaining walls are a common feature for many properties in the HRM, Halifax and South Shore area. We're experienced with installing many types of retaining walls, including granite rock walls, and can certainly handle yours.

Retaining Walls for Both Form and Functiong

Halifax Retaining Walls

A retaining wall must serve its purpose of holding back earth to keep it from collapsing or eroding. But for most landscaping applications it must also look attractive and complement the surroundings.

As a landscaping company we understand the need for a retaining wall that best suits the property and we know how to build a wall that will stand for years.

Retaining walls can be built from a wide range of materials to achieve the desired look for a particular application. Brick, pre-cast stone, natural stone (often large granite boulders), even wood can make for an attractive retaining wall.

The retaining wall or rock wall can be integrated into your landscape design and include beds for planting, or be a feature of a patio, walkway, or driveway. Where applicable we incorporate drainage systems to ensure the wall does not hold back too much moisture and cause problems with slumping. We also use internal anchors and bracing to minimize movement and shifting.

Granite Rock Walls - Our Specialty

We've constructed many rock walls from granite boulders throughout the HRM and South Shore area and can build a great natural stone wall for your property. We can supply granite stones of any size. Our mini excavation equipment is nimble and allows great control over placement of these heavy stones.

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